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Bioactive Products and Metabolic Syndrome Group. BIOPROMET

PI: Pablo José Fernández-Marcos

Email:pablojose.fernandez@imdea.org Phone: +34 91 727 81 00

Address: Crta. de Canto Blanco nº 8. E-28049 Madrid. Spain


Metabolic Syndrome (MS) is a group of pathologies caused by a prolonged imbalance between energy intake and consumption. The main pathologies associated to MS are obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer, and constitute one of the main health problems in developed countries.

A large variety of chemical compounds can be found in micronutrients from human diets. Some of them present bioactive properties with enormous potential for prevention or treatment of the metabolic imbalance causing MS. However, nutritional properties of many of these bioactive products are unknown, and, in those cases where the beneficial effect is known, the mechanisms of action are frequently not well established. The aim of the BIOPROMET research group is to characterize the mechanisms of action of metabolically effective bioactive products with unknown molecular activity; and to identify compounds present in human diets with potential bioactive activity for the prevention and treatment of MS and associated diseases.


PI: Dr. Pablo José Fernández-Marcos

Postdoctoral researcher: Dr. Marta Barradas

Predoctoral researcher: Luís Filipe Costa