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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing, representative and administration body of the IMDEA Food Foundation.  Currently, it is composed by the following members:


Manuela Juárez Iglesias

Spanish National Research Council. Madrid. Spain.


Rafael van Grieken Salvador

Counsellor of Education, Youth and Sport. Education, Youth and Sport Counseling. Comunidad de Madrid. Spain

Native Trustees (Regional Administration)

José Manuel Torralba Castelló

General Director of Universities and Research. Education, Youth and Sport Counseling. Comunidad de Madrid. Spain.

Rafael A. García Muñoz

Deputy Director General for Research. Education, Youth and Sport Counseling.Comunidad de Madrid. Spain

Institutional Trustees

Rafael Garesse Alarcón

Vice Chancellor for Science Policy and Research Infrastructures of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Madrid. Spain.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Madrid. Spain.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Madrid. Spain

Spanish National Research Council

Madrid. Spain  

Scientific Trustees

Jean Louis Sebedio

Department of Human Nutrition. INRA(National Institut for Agricultural Research)/Université Clermond 1. Clermond-Ferrand-Theix. France

Michael Heinrich

Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy. University of London. London. United Kingdom.

          Daniel Ramón Vidal

BIOPOLIS S.L. Valencia. Spain.

Gregorio Varela Moreiras

Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences. Universidad CEU San Pablo. Madrid. Spain.

Expert Trustees

Daniel de la Sota

Innovation Expert. Madrid. Spain.

Jorge Jordana

General Secretary. FIAB-Federation of Food and Beverage Industries. Madrid. Spain

Company Trustees


Barcelona. Spain


Madrid. Spain.


Jose Carlos Quintela Fernández

Scientific General Director of NATAC. Madrid. Spain


Ricardo Oteros Sánchez-Pozuelos

President. Madrid. Spain


Alejandro Blázquez