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CIN: Interactive Nutrigenomics Center

The Nutrigenomics Interactive Center (Centro Interactivo de Nutrigenomica, CIN) is a key initiative of the IMDEA Food Institute to engage and transfer its research findings to society.

The results of our research help us define how a balanced, personalized diet can promote health at all stages of life.

The CIN is the perfect environment to transmit this message, offering a didactic, creative and interactive space to bring research in Nutritional Genomics closer to society; becoming a regional referent in terms of nutritional education, Nutrigenetics and human health.

The SNP exhibition is an important component of the CIN, aimed at showing the visitors how to make health-promoting, personalized dietary choices everyday and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For this purpose, CIN is designed to reach a large number of audiences, including ludic, didactic, interactive, audiovisual and graphical content that puts the visitors in charge of their own learning journey.

The CIN comes to life with the inauguration of the SNP exhibition, whose aims can be defined as follows

•             Familiarizing different societal groups (families, schools, businesses) with the objectives of IMDEA’s research in Nutritional Genomics.

•             Conveying the message of the importance of Nutrition for human health, and the relationship between one’s genetic background and the beneficial or harmful effect of their diet.

•             Showing different aspects – including emotional, social and chronobiological elements - of personalized Nutrition.        

“SNP: Personalized Health and Nutrition”. A tour of the exhibition.

The CIN’s exhibition SNP guides the visitors through the evolution of our diet, demonstrating how it has shaped us as a species and how it now shapes our health. By allowing them to play and explore some of the most complex aspects of nutrition and health unveiled by scientific research, they will get to know themselves better, finding out whether or not they’re still sticking to their grandparents diet, how being a morning lark or a night owl affects their health and how important their emotions are when it comes to deciding what to eat. All the information acquired will help visitors lead a healthy, personalized lifestyle.

The visitor is the protagonist of an interactive tour that combines audiovisual, tactile, sculptural and mechanic exhibits using the most innovative technologies to create the most enjoyable, hands-on learning experience for visitors of all ages and social condition.

The SNP exhibition is composed of six different sections:

S1: Evolution and Diet

S2: Diet and health

S3: In the lab

S1: Evolution and diet

This section will show the visitor how our diet has changed as we evolved from our primate ancestors - Australopithecus - to Homo sapiens; and how the evolution of diet has been inextricably linked to the evolution of the species through a continuous dialog between our environment and our genome.
However, today's fast-paced, changing environment overwhelms the capacity of our genes to adapt to these changes. This dysregulation has been proposed to be the main reason for the current epidemic of chronic diseases.


S2: Diet and health 

In this section, the visitor will learn how diet affects human health.
Food has traditionally been considered a simple source of the energy and building blocks that our cells need to perform their specific biological functions. We now know that in addition to this, our diet plays an essential role in the regulation of the expression of our genes, so that our body can function well when they stay tuned, but a significant deviation can be the origin of disease.


S3: In the lab

This section is a journey into the history of Nutrition research and the work of the IMDEA Food Institute in this field.

Visitors will feel like scientists at the laboratory bench, where they will have the chance to extract and visualize their own DNA. The audiovisual and interactive elements will explain what the mission of IMDEA Food is, and what some pieces of equipment used in our facilities are for.


Workshops and temporary exhibitions

The CIN will host a variety of workshops for:

·         Workshops for groups of students, to provide schools with specialized educational support.

·         Workshops for families, to promote healthy eating at home.

·         Workshops for nutrition professionals, to support their work with the most up-to-date knowledge in Nutrition research and Nutritional Genomics.

The CIN may host temporary exhibitions, sponsored by food industry partners and related sectors

CIN Team:


Prof. Jose María Ordovás Muñoz


Dr. Lidia A Daimiel Ruiz

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou

Postdoctoral researcher

Dª Silvia Berciano

Predoctoral researcher