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GENYAL Platform

GENYAL, “Cantoblanco” Platform of Nutritional Genomics and Food is promoted and managed by the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Food (IMDEA-Food) and counts with the collaboration of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. 

Nutritional Genomics and Food GENYAL Platform, constitutes a high-throughput genomic tool with high scientific level useful to investigate how individual human genomes interact with diet foods constituents, and these in turn with the genome.  The results are applied (aimed) to learn and defining the benefits or harmful of specific nutrients and food ingredients on the human health.  The application includes both basic and applied research related to gene-diet interactions at the two fields, Nutrigenetic and Nutrigenomic. 

Once fully operational, the GENYAL Platform could offer service (could be offered as a service) to Nutritional Genomics research groups both at National and International level.  Likewise, research facilities of GENYAL Platform include service to Food Companies, in both public and private sectors that require undertaking dietary intervention studies, which are needed for food products development, as well as for the approval of these for nutrition and health claims by the European Food Safety Authority, and to compliance of specific regulations of the U.S. government and other countries such as Japan. 

GENYAL is a stable platform constituted for volunteer cohorts from the general population, and it follows two action stages:

1. Establishment of specific cohorts based on the population according to their phenotypic and genotypic characteristics. 

2. Performing dietary intervention studies in the cohorts. 

Besides population recruited by GENYAL, this platform also works with external population cohorts coming from diverse dietary intervention studies from which an analysis gene-nutrient interaction is required. 

The platform is supported by human and technological resources from IMDEA-Food Institute allowing achieve three important features:

1. Capacity to perform phenotypic characterization of the involved population by anthropometric measurements and data on lifestyle, diet, physical activity, medical history and socioeconomic data. 

2. Capacity to perform genotype stratification of the involved population by (1) selecting genetic markers implicated (that have been shown to impact) in both, metabolizing nutrients and most prevalent nutritional diseases currently, and (2) analysis of these selected genetic variants. 

3. Capacity in economic and administrative management of the Platform. 


General Management: Prof. Guillermo Reglero Rada
Scientific Management: Dr. Ana Ramírez de Molina
Administrative Management: Ms. Inmaculada Galindo
Bioinformatics: Mr. Roberto Martín
Biostatistics: Mr. Jesús Herranz
Nutricional Genomics lab: Dr. Susana Molina.
Technical support: Dª Belén García Carrasco.


  • Clinical trials
       Contact: Dr. Viviana Loria-Kohen.
  • Genomics analysis.
        Genomics Unit.
        Contact: Dra. Susana Molina.
  • Data analysis.
        Contact: Dr. Jesús Herranz

         Contact: Dr. Ana Ramírez de Molina.