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Laboratory of Functional Foods. LABFUN

PI: Francesco Visioli

Email:francesco.visioli@imdea.org Phone: +34 91 727 81 00

Address: Crta. de Canto Blanco nº 8. 28049 Madrid (España)


Nutritional profiles and claims offer great added value to food products and they are currently rarely constructed based on ACEs. Rather, they are based on epidemiological observations or in vitro experiments. While ACEs are in fact the standard of Pharmacology since they are the only way of providing reliable and evidence-based data, they are difficult to apply to nutrition-based environments.

In LABFUN, basic research will be carried out to gain in-depth knowledge of the etiology of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic disorders; the preventive and therapeutic role of micronutrients selected in the modulation of such diseases will be addressed by obtaining solid mechanistic evidence of their actions; studies will be conducted on animals to discover any in vivo biological activity, and security issues will also be covered; studies will be carried out on selected humans (first on healthy volunteers and then on patients) to evaluate the physiomodulatory action of micro-nutrients and their metabolism; there will be collaboration in the development and validation of functional or nutraceutical food with a high potential for entering the market.


IP: Prof. Francesco Visioli

Postdoctoral researchers: Dr. Emma Burgos Ramos , Dr. Joao Tiago Estevao Tomé Carneiro

Predoctoral researchers: Carmen Crespo

Laboratory Technician: Belen García Carrasco



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