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PI: Ana Ramírez de Molina

Email:ana.ramirez@imdea.org Phone: +34 91 727 81 00

Address: Crta. de Canto Blanco nº 8. 28049 Madrid (España)


The scientific work of the group is currently focused on two research topics:

1.- Lipid metabolism alterations in cancer: identification of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets in diet-related tumors.

In this subject, the work of our group mainly focuses on the analysis of lipid metabolism alterations in cancer. Most specifically, we aim at studying the special energetic and structural requirements of tumor cells as well as identifying novel biomarkers of progression and response to therapy which may also represent new therapeutic targets.

To this end, in close collaboration with the divisions of Medical Oncology of several hospitals, we analyze clinical samples from cancer patients using state-of-the-art genomic approaches. Gene expression analysis, identification of gene variants and epigenetic regulation by microRNAs of lipid metabolism pathways are determined and associated with the clinical outcome of the disease. Furthermore, functional studies both in cells and in animal models to investigate the role of identified genes and microRNAs are performed. We are especially interested in identifying metabolic profiles associated to the disease progression and analyzing their role from in-vitro cell systems to cancer patients. These analyses are mainly focused on the identification of metabolic pathways that may constitute novel targets for the development of future cancer therapies, as well as the genetic basis of the relationship between obesity and associated metabolic disorders and cancer.

2.- Study of the activity and mechanism of action of bioactive compounds as potential effective supplements in preventing and/or treating cancer.

We evaluate the activity and molecular mechanism of action of bioactive compounds that may have a therapeutic use in cancer, either alone or in combination with existing chemotherapy. The aim is to establish the scientific basis for the development of nutritional supplements that may exert a beneficial effect on the disease.

In close collaboration with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, specifically with researches from the group of Bioactive Food Ingredients of the Institute of Food Science Research, we design and characterize different formulations of bioactive compounds, and combine genomics and functional studies in order to determine the effect and target populations for personalized therapeutic use of the mentioned formulations.

Recently, we have evaluated the effect on gastrointestinal tumor progression of a supercritical extract of rosemary (which has been shown to be safe for human use by EFSA). Such extract inhibits proliferation, induces cell death, and potentiates the effect of chemotherapy, both in sensitive and resistant colon tumor cell lines. Furthermore, we have identified key players of its underlying molecular mechanism as well as the characteristics of potential patients more likely to benefit most from a nutritional supplement based on this extract.


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