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Production and Development of Foods for Health. PRODESALUD.

PI: Guillermo Reglero Rada

Email:guillermo.reglero@imdea.org Phone: +34 91 727 81 00

Address: Crta. de Canto Blanco nº 8. 28049 Madrid (España)


This line has main purpose is to connect with the food industry by establishing a bridge between molecular mechanistic research and the market by means of the development of food products for specific health use that either respond to the results generated by the basic lines of the Institute or are validated using the scientific tools of said lines.

PRODESALUD is based mainly on human resources and infrastructures external to the IMDEA Food Institute coming from the environment of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, with which the Institute has signed a collaboration agreement and, more specifically, within the context of the Biocampus Norte de Madrid (BUC) developed by the Universidad Autónoma and in which the IMDEA Food Institute is integrated, along with other companies in the field of biomedicine and public research centers. Researchers from the Instituto Mixto de Investigación en Ciencias de la Alimentación (Joint Institute for Research in Food Science) (UAM-CSIC), specialists in new technologies for obtaining bioactive food ingredients, will participate in the activities of this line as partners of the IMDEA Food Institute. These researchers have access to the pilot plant Novalindus, located in the aforementioned joint institute, with which the tasks of development and pilot production of the products under investigation will be carried out.




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