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IMDEA Food aims at conducting research in Food Science and Technology Excellence in order to:

  • Contribute to the creation of scientific excellence.
  • Serve to the social welfare and quality of life.
  • Improve and increase the competitiveness of the food industry.
  • Contribute to the ongoing advanced training of professionals in the area of food.

The activity of the IMDEA-Food Foundation implements a multidisciplinary research focused on the strategic area of Food and Health. This area has been selected taking into account the analysis and diagnosis of the current situation of environment in which IMDEA Food develops its research activity (SWOT analysis) and the opinion of the international expert consultants.

It has been shown that diet has an impact on health, particularly on cardiovascular diseases, some cancers and other degenerative diseases. Functional foods have burst into international markets and are probably the most important tools of the science of Nutrition in the future. There is growing interest in the market to have a variety of new bioactive food ingredients: lipids, peptides, minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics designed to meet specific health needs.

Moreover, based on clinical studies, it is known that genetic factors regulate the response of an individual to certain nutrients. Therefore, nutritional genomics (nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics), which studies the interaction between genes and nutrients is key in developing functional food or ingredients. In the future, using molecular biology tools, we will be able to design individualized diet, adapted to the nutritional needs of each individual genotype. Functional foods is the way to bring the molecular biology, biomedicine and new emerging sciences advances as Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics to the health of the population.

The final destination of food production is the consumer. Today, consumers are fully aware of the impact of nutrition on health status. This is due to the substantial scientific progress in this regard and their wide dissemination. Society not only requires tasty and nutritious food, but also demands healthy products (beyond the classical nutritional concept.)

Area 1. Food and Health

  • Line 1. Genomic basis of the health effects of food.
  • Line 2. Design and development of functional foods
    • Horizontal Research Unit: cantoblanco Platform of Nutritional genomics and Food "GENYAL".