Research Program. Food Products for Precision Nutrition

Director: Prof. Guillermo Reglero Rada

Objectives: the main purpose of this line is to connect with the food industry, building a bridge between molecular mechanistic research and the market through the development of food products for specific health use which either respond to the results generated by the most basic lines of the Institute or are validated using the scientific tools of said lines.

This group is based mainly on human resources and infrastructures outside IMDEA Food provided by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. For this reason, the Institute has signed a collaboration agreement and, more specifically, within the context of Biocampus Norte de Madrid (BUC) developed by Universidad Autónoma and in which IMDEA Food is integrated, along with other public research centers and companies in the biomedicine sector.



Azucena Martín Olmos
Daniela Pingarrón Cárdenas