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The rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases or cancer, coupled with greater life expectancy of the population, result in an increase of suffering during the final stages of life and generate higher health costs.

Chronic diseases share many essential features such as metabolic and genetic alterations. The activity of the IMDEA Food Institute attends to the analysis of these genetic and metabolic alterations and their modulation by molecular and personalized nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle and healthy aging. To achieve these goals in an efficient manner, nutritional research, the food industry and society must work closely together.

Specifically, the Vision of the IMDEA Food Institute is to orient its activities towards the study of the scientific bases, molecular mechanisms of the human body and physiological effects associated with chronic disease and related to nutrients, new bioactive food ingredients, food products for specific use for health, traditional healthy food and dietary strategies; all within the context of the biology of systems and applying new approaches to nutrition, with an emphasis on the gene-nutrient relationship. Thus we will acquire a better understanding of the causes of those chronic diseases on the increase, since the population is aging, which will result in better diagnosis, prevention and therapeutic strategies.