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About Us

IMDEA Food belongs to Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies Net promoted by the Madrid regional government (Comunidad de Madrid) to develop useful research for the society and of international scientific excellence.




The consumer is the final destination of food production. Currently, the population is fully aware of the importance food has on the state of health. This is due to significant scientific progress in this regard and its broad dissemination. Society now not only demands tasty and nutritional food but also demands healthy (beyond the classical nutritional concept), safe ("0 risk") and easy to prepare products

The Organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO) advocate for a new global approach to food chain which requires solutions based on new scientific research and technological developments. Safe food production requires a proper management of resources. Further, it is necessary to ensure to the consumer the product traceability, in order to determine the origin, cause/effect of a potential problem detected in any stage of the food chain. Functional foods represents the way to reach the public health the advances in molecular biology, biomedical sciences and new emerging sciences as nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. From this point of view, functional foods are probably the most important tool that will have the nutrition science in the future, provided that sufficient progress has been made on the scientific basis on which to build their design. On the other hand, advances in new physico-chemical and biological technologies of control should bring new capacities on-line monitoring of food chain in all stages of traditional and new processes.

Cross-discipline approach

The activity of IMDEA Food is framed in the accomplishment for multidisciplinary research focused in three strategic areas in food and nutrition, with the purpose of developing useful research for the society and international scientific excellence.


The IMDEA Food has among its strategic objectives, which are its founding purposes, the following,

  • To carry out scientific research of international excellence.
  • To ensure research of high quality and excellence, focused and driven by the real needs of society, especially to improve technology level and competitiveness of the Community of Madrid.
  • To strengthen the collaboration and cooperation with the Food Science and Technology related business.
  • To create a framework that facilitates the incorporation of international researchers, creating or using the buildings, infrastructure and equipment in order to conduct internationally competitive research.
  • To ensure the availability of technologies that will produce tangible results in the medium-long term.
  • To achieve a better exploitation of research results.
  • To act as an monitoring and foresight observatory for research carried out in these areas.
  • To encourage the participation of society.
  • To provide postgraduate Programs in cooperation with the Academic Institutions.