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Administrative and management positions

Opened calls

  • Management Technicians Closed
    Ref. TGf2016-001. Financial Management Technician
    Ref. TGf2016-002. R&TD Management Technician
    Opening date: 21st October, 2016
    Closing date: 4th October 2016 (24.00 h)

       Annex 1. TGf2016-002

Closing Date 28th November, 2016 
Ref TGf2016-001 2nd definitive list of admited and excluded candidates (Publication date: 23/11/2016) 
Closing Date:  28th November, 2016

Closed calls

  • Senior technician for R&D Project Mangement Closed
    Ref. TPI2015-001
    Opening date: 19th February, 2015.
    Closing date: 5th March, 2015.
    PDF of the call TPI2015-001 PDF Document (Publication date: 18/02/2015)                                                                        

Resolution of the call TT2015-001 PDF Document (Publication date: 14/04/2015)