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Predoctoral Researchers

IMDEA Food is actively seeking promising candidates for PhD Student at the Institute. The assistantships provide support for applicants during their studies conductive to a Master's or, preferably, a PhD degree.

Candidates should have obtained (or be close to obtaining) an undergraduate degree in Food Science or closely related areas, with excellent grades, especially in subjects related to the areas of Food and Health.

Opened Calls

Currently there are no open calls

Closed Calls

Predoctoral Researcher Closed
Ref. PR2015-006
Opening date: 17th September 2015. 
Closing date: 2nd October 2015 (17.00 h local time)
PDF of the call PR2015-006 PDF document (publication date: 17/09/2015)                                                                 Request form
Resolution of the call PR2015-006 PDF document (publication date: 20/10/2015)  


Predoctoral Researcher Closed
Ref. PR2015-005
Opening date: 12th May 2015. 
Closing date: 26th May 2015 (extended untill 2nd June, 2015 (17.00 h local time)
PDF of the call PR2015-005 PDF document (publication date: 11/05/2015)                                                                   Resolution of the Call PR2015-005 PDF document (publication date: 24/06/2015)


Predoctoral Researcher Closed
Ref. PR2014-0014
Opening date: 6th October 2014. 
Closing date: 21th October 2014. 
PDF of the call PR2014-0014 PDF document (publication date: 06/10/2014)
Resolution of the call PR2014-0014 PDF document (publication date: 12/11/2014)

Predoctoral Researcher Closed
Ref. PR2014-0012
Opening date : 12th July, 2014
Closing date : 26th July, 2014
PDF of the call PR2014-0012 PDF Document (Publication date: 11/07/2014)
Resolution Conv. PR2014-0012 PDF Document (Publication date: 12/09/2014)


Pre-doctoral Researcher Closed
Ref. PR2014-05-06-07-08
Opening date: 19th March, 2014. 
Closing date: 2th April, 2014. 
PDF of the call PR2014-05-06-07-08 PDF document (Publication date: 18/03/2014)

Resolution Conv. PR2014-005 PDF document (Publication date: 07/07/2014)
Resolution Conv. PR2014-006 PDF document (Publication date: 07/07/2014)
Resolution Conv. PR2014-007 PDF document (Publication date: 07/07/2014)
Resolution Conv. PR2014-008 PDF document (Publication date: 07/07/2014)

Predoctoral Researcher Closed
Ref. PR2013-005-06
Opening date : 7th October, 2013
Closing date : 22th October, 2013
PDF of the call PR2013-005-06 PDF Document
Resolution Conv. PR2013-005-06 PDF Document


Predoctoral Researcher Closed 
Ref. PR2010-001
Opening date : 19th February 2010
PDF of the call PR2010-001 PDF Document
Resolution Conv. PR2010-001 PDF Document